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Sunday, October 14, 2012
Elisha Coy Always Baby BB review

Hello guys! I'm sorry I haven't updated in like three months -gets hit by tomatoes- but I have a good excuse, really!

As you guys know (or maybe not) I'm a Medical Technology student and I'm super proud of my course. The fact that I had three majors (Anatomy and Physiology, Organic Chemistry, and College Physics) this semester really left me with no room to actually review any product (so much for that list I made a few months prior!   >.<!!)  Now I'm too lazy to review those things and decided to review the new stuff I had recently bought from bhappywithme--who, by the way, is one of my most favourite online sellers at ebay!

Okay, onto the review!

Elisha Coy Always Baby Bb 

It's super cute ^__^v

Stay Silky! Keep a baby's skin!

Pore Care & Sebum Control
Covering powder uses a diffused reflection effect to cover blemishes, while sage extracts control sebum production and correct skin tone to show moist, beautiful skin.

High Density Moisturizer & Perfect Adherence
Royal jelly, rice callus extract, pearls, and organic chamomile extract all work together as a complex compound to keep your skin clear and radiant.

UV Blocking/Whitening
Blocks UV rays to keep your skin safe and uses Arbutin to care for dull skin.

Skin whitening, UVA/B protection [SPF35, PA++]

I actually have a problem with the nozzle. It actually causes the bb cream to spill out and ughh the cap looks super ugly now too, so I ended up placing this bb cream upside down so it doesn't spill. >.<

Here's a little bit of it so you can see the colour. The texture is suuuuper watery. It blends in fast so you have to work with haste if you want to achieve a non-patchy look @_@ 

Partially blended onto my hand...

Fully blended onto my hand. ^_^ You can see it gives my hand a nice glow and sheen. I really like this bb cream! :D

What I really think....

Coverage: Not much pore coverage but it's not like I expected it to cover pores, seeing as though it said it only covered blemishes.It has sheer to medium coverage. It depends on how many layers you use, but I usually use only 1-2 layers of this on a daily basis.

Texture/Consistency: Suuuper watery. I don't like how fast it sinks into my skin. However, bb creams usually don't sink into my skin at all. They're usually like a barrier and they don't really LOOK like my skin. Since this bb cream is so watery, my skin ends up looking super natural, albeit a bit glowy and shiny (non-comparable to the Twilight vampire discoballs xD) when I finally blend it all in.

Shade: Has a grey undertone that's perfect for my sallow, olivey-yellow skin tone <3

Oil control: I wore this during exam week (ughhh!) and it stayed on the entire day! Imagine that, 6-8 hours without needing to blot! O.o this is the first bb cream I never blotted with. When I came home, I looked in the bathroom mirror and said, "homagawww! My skin still looks beautiful!" So you see, it really does live up to its claim of controlling sebum and looking radiant on your skin!

Longevity: Long. For a brand I never really heard about (woot for unknown bb cream brands!) this does the trick. Lasts a long time without needing to re-powder or re-apply. Awesome for a lazy girl like me!

Benefits: One whole week of using this and I think I'll be honest to say that it caused my skin to whiten. I'm now proud to say that my face (it's usually darker than my body because of the sallowness ;-;) is now the same colour as my neck! Success!

COST: 380 PHP! What a steal!! -squeals-

Last thoughts: Uh, what can I say? O.o This bb cream speaks for itself:

- It doesn't fade on my skin by the end of the day
- It doesn't transfer to my handkerchief
- It keeps me looking super glowy and radiant (the box doesn't lie! XD)
- Really does whiten/brighten your skin tone! <3 <3
- Feels lightweight on my super oily skin
- Does not break me out at all!
- Is really budget-friendly. ^_^!

- Ughh. The nozzle! You have to make sure you place it upside down so it won't spill all over. ;-;
- Not available in the Philippines.

See? It covered a bit of my pores and brightened my sallow skin tone ^__^

RATING: 4/5!

Friday, July 6, 2012
Etude House: Golden Ratio Face Glam Review: #2 Pink

Well, here's the promised review of one of my most favourite highlighters ever.


Product description: Dual (liquid & cream) base highlighters applicable to T & C zones, cheekbones and eyes for brightening, highlighting coverage and subtle pearl expression.


Here's the top of the product. It comes with a cheek/eye brightener! A 2-in-1 product!

Here's a swatch of it...

Then here's it partially blended...

Top is the highlighter blended, then the bottom is the cheek/eye brightener. The highlighter is somewhat of a metallic pink (but still very flattering!) while the cheek/eye brightener is white. You can tell that the eye brightener would actually work 

That's me looking somewhat haggard, lol. I took the picture after having a medtech event so you can see that this product has longevity :D


Texture: Watery, easy to spread. Only problem is, sometimes you can take out more than you need. It has a spatula (which I forgot to take a picture of, silly me! XD), and it's easy to disperse the product. User-friendly :3
Shade: Pink. Flattering for fair skintones but I have no idea about medium to tan skintones. Maybe the #1 variant would be better?
Scent: It smells like lotion. You know the Vaseline original lotion? It smells just like that. And I actually like the smell because it brings me back to childhood.
Longevity: It has excellent longevity; it lasted well throughout the day, as you can see in the picture above.
What I think:
A 2-in-1 product, so it's not only very spiffy, but it is also very convenient and price-friendly. I use this first thing in the morning and I enjoy the dewy look I get from it. It's also a very good alternative to the expensive Nymph Aura Volumer. You can mix this 1:1 ratio with bb cream and end up with a pleasant glow. It has no annoying, big globs of glitter, so you don't have to be afraid of it!

 And the eye brightener really helps because I have huuuuge eyebags and I always want to cover them up well! The eye brightener is very shimmery and you have to blend it well because the consistency is way thicker than the cheek highlighter. Anyway, this does my skin and myself justice, so I'm gonna have to say YES! 

Rating: 4/5
*Gave it a 4/5 only because the eye brightener is really useful, but on the otherhand, I use it only when my eyebags need severe coverup! D:

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Collective gifts/haul June-July :D

Okay, so I haven't been posting as often as I'd like but meh xD I only just got a new camera! And it's pretty decent too! Woot!

Right...so. Here are some pictures. I'm not good at taking pictures but please bear with me. xD I'll start a checklist for a review of each of these products. I PROMISE this time. Seriously!

So, all the liptints, mascaras, concealers, that lone Avon lipstick, EH Lemon cleansing cream, Nyx jumbo eye pencils, and all the Lancome thingies (like that black boxy thingy in the corner) are all from my boyfriend. I think he's trying to suck up to me, but idk. What do you guys think? XD

The rest of these things, like Etude House's Golden Ratio in pink, Tonymoly Secret BB cream, Mizon Healing Creams, Skin79 All Day Sun Powder I bought from last month and this month. :D

I actually made a list of all these things to review except the NYX Jumbo Eye pencils, and the lancome concealers. Heh. I'll review the Golden Ratio tomorrow though!

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Monday, March 12, 2012
Baviphat Magic Girl Multi Collagen BB Cream Review

(c) credits belong to the site I got it from ^_^

A/N: I bought this, alongside an Etude House liptint and a Holika-Holika mini facial set (for my friend). ;] I know I said I'd buy an Innisfree bb cream, but it was out :C Anyway, I bought this for myself and will probably end up buying another tube of bb cream next month, since I am not so very satisfied with this one!

Texture: Somewhat thick, hard to blend. I disliked it cos I had to use my fingers instead of my stippling brush to blend it. Sometimes, on days I want to look airbrushed, I use my stippling brush and most of my bb creams have no problem blending into my skin this way. But this bb cream was not only hard to blend, it was hard to spread. I attribute it to the collagen in the bb cream...though, if I had to be honest, I really don't know. I'm a lazy person at heart and blending takes too long so..-.- meh.
Coverage: Well, I used it as a concealer for under my eyes too and it covered my eyebags really well! AND it covered some of the veins on my face...I've never found a bb cream that did that yet. So it's really good! xD
Oil-Control: Five hours later and I haven't even put a blotting paper to my face! The oil-control is surprisingly very good. :D
Scent: Some sort of artificial smell. Doesn't smell bad though.
Colour: It didn't give my a weird grey cast when I looked in the mirror. It seems to oxidise all right :D
Finish: Somewhat dewy, but not completely dewy. Since most bb creams (except the Face shop bb creams) make me glow, this is no exception. It gave my skin such a nice, dewy finish that today, my classmates asked me if I just got a facial or something, lol. I like! And I still haven't broken out or anything!
**Took a finger down 'cos I hate how it's so hard to spread and blend it. But the results are fantabulous!

edit! 3.23.12
OOOokay. So I have to take back my overall rating for this. Why?

Because after two weeks of on-and-off use (maybe every other day), I've found that my skin has become more luminous and the pores less visible. In fact, my gay maid asked me why I'm blooming and if I was really happy over something. I told him I didn't have anything to be extremely happy for except that it's summer vacay now so..one thing led to another and now I know that this bb cream tightens pores and makes my skin really healthy! I bet it's the collagen too!

You guys should try it yourselves because this is well-worth the $$$ :3

Friday, March 2, 2012
Innisfree Ecoflower Tint and Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint review!

 Innisfree Ecoflower Tint in Golden Rose and Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint #2 Orange

And that's how they look like standing straight up :D

Okay, so I haven't done a review in awhile (waah! don't kill me xD) but I swear! I have a good reason!

...Not really :D

Anyway, these two tints are from Innisfree. I bought them online at ebay here at gailygirl and as usual, at bhappywithme. These are my two favourite sellers online ^_^v

I love lip tints in general, and I want to spread the love to everyone else too! I mean, I'm not really a fan of lipstick, though I have tried to be a fan...but, I just don't like the waxy flavour or how it looks on me. Fake. I prefer something that looks more natural: hence my addiction to lip tints (currently have 7 of them!).

Honestly, I believe that with just wearing bb cream and lip tint, you could look like a better, and most infinitely beautiful you. ^_^ Less is more, right? (Although I do recommend filling in your eyebrows and highlighting parts of the face at the very least!)

Enough of my rambling and onto the review!

Left: Eco Fruit Tint, Right: Ecoflower Tint

Product: Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint #2 Orange
Scent: Surprisingly enough, it smells like COOL-AID! The cherry kind! XD I'm in love with the smell of this lip tint 'cos it just smells soooo. Idk. Organic, I guess? I want to eat it, but it doesn't taste very good (yea, i tried LOL.)
Colour: uhhh. It's more of a reddish orange rather than a pure orange like the ecoflower tint. 
Texture: Watery. It's like my Tonymoly Lip tint. However it does not DRY LIPS! So you can put your lip balm on, then put just a dot of this, rub it over your lips and viola! An au naturale look!
Longevity: 4-6 hours if you don't eat or drink anything. If you do drink or eat something, the colour fades just a little bit but it still looks really nice so you don't HAVE to reapply this. ^^
Took one finger down 'cos I wasn't happy with the colour. +_+

Product: Innisfree Ecoflower Tint in Golden Rose
Scent: It lives up to its name. >.< It smells like a rose! When I put it on my lips the first time, I was gagging because of the smell. I hate it.
Colour: In the picture, it looks pale orange. When you actually put it on your lips it turns into a peachy colour. What my camera can't pick up is the shiny sparkles that's in this tint. There's like tiny little glitery particles that make this tint really cute and glossy looking. And the fact that it's a nice ORANGEY-PEACHY colour--well, I like it very much. <3
Texture: It's sorta like a gel consistency and a watery gloss. It's not as watery as the eco fruit tint though.
Longevity: 3-4 hours. Not as long as the eco fruit tint. You have to reapply it at intervals throughout the day. :o
Took two fingers down 'cos for one, I hate the smell, and two, the tint's longevity is bad. :l I want something long-lasting.

Okay, so that's it, folks! I'll do some more reviews as soon as the summer laziness goes away. -becomes a potato- xD

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Summer weather

It's uber hot, here in the PH. Not to mention the fact that global warming is becoming worse every year, this summer is also one of the very hottest ones in the past decade. Grr.

So here I am, at home, sulking because my feet tanned without me knowing it (ahh! xD) and well, I have decided not to use so much makeup cos of the weather.

Yes. I think it goes for most women that during the summer, if you slather too much makeup on you'll end up having worse skin or your makeup sliding right off your face. -.-

Right now, my skin is decent. It's not as smooth as before and it's gotten much more blotchier and drier on the account of it being uber hot and arghh summer. I know that some people would go--well, what about spring? Well, the Philippines don't really have seasons. We only have summer (dry), summer (rainy), and that's about it. When it gets to the summer (rainy) season, it's my favourite season cos it rains for one-three months straight!

So yeah.

I think instead of the Missha MISA Choboyang BB cream, I'll get an Innisfree one on the account of it being too hot for good coverage. :/ I want the Missha MISA BB cream, but I'll live. >.> ;-;

*wanted to slather gold all over face just to see how it feels like* +_+

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Friday, February 17, 2012
More bb creams? XD

I have a few bb creams in my stash that I haven't given away out of boredom yet to my sister:
Skinfood Good Afternoon (Peach) 
Mamonde Mineral Moisture 
Dr. Jart's Black Label 
The Faceshop Oil-free

So. Now i want THIS!

(c) Credit to the site I got this picture from ^_^

But yea. Anyway. I want this. Why? I've read a couple of reviews about it (here's a complete review http://cosme411.blogspot.com/2011/03/review-missh-oriental-herbs-bb-cream.html), and it contains a lot of natural ingredients like ginseng, a lot of other herby extracts, and the kicker--GOLD!

Wow. Imagine slathering GOLD all over your face. XD Sorta like a statue that screams LUXURIOUSLY MADE. Lol.

So yeeeeess. I want to buy the full sized version and not the 20ml one but...I have so many other products I don't know what to do heh. The pragmatic part of me says to not even buy a new bb cream (but when do I ever listen to that?  'OTL), but the other, girlier part of me says to just buy it.

+_+ I want it. I'll update if I get it. :D

Btw. If you're wondering why I haven't reviewed the other products I have yet, it's cos I need a new camera. XD When I get a better camera, or if I find my crappy one, I'll upload pictures and swatches of the Skinfood and Dr. Jart bb cream :3

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